Trauma Counselling

Trauma & PTSD Counselling

Joanne specialises in the Counselling & Psychotherapy fields of Trauma, Complex Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)...

Joanne Murray has extensive experience working with children, teenagers & adults who have, or are experiencing, trauma from things such as sexual abuse, physical & emotional abuse, neglect, and witnessing domestic violence or drug use, sudden death, an accident, war, terrorist attack, natural disasters such as earthquake.

Children who live in Out of Home Care and Foster Care

Joanne works with children in out of home care (OOHC) such as foster care. Removing children from home is a traumatic event for children who are already being abused and traumatised. When removed from the abusive environment this creates added layers of complex trauma for the child such as grief & loss for the parent/s and siblings that have been left behind, guilt, anger, self blame & hatred. Removing children from an abusive environment is only one step in a long process of a child recovering from abuse.

Vicarious Trauma

Joanne specialises in Vicarious Trauma having worked with Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Emergency Services Workers, Teachers, Mental Health Workers who are all exposed to a clients, persons, or students trauma on a daily basis. Joanne works with individuals and organisations to provide education, identification processes, self care strategies & professional support including clinical supervision structures & management consultation where workers feel safe to discuss the impacts of work on themselves without the fear of stigmatisation, or questioning of their competence.

Joanne is a highly educated, clinically experienced, therapist in the field of trauma, utilising safe, best practice interventions in accordance with national best practice & Blue Knot Foundation guidelines. Joanne is:

  • On the Blue Knot (ASCA) counselling referral data base.
  • Clinical Registrant Accredited Supervisor PACFA.
  • Clinical Registrant PACFA.
  • A Workcover Approved Counselling Provider – providing assessment, treatment and management to people who are on workers compensation.

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