Clinical Supervision

Professional development

Reflective practice assisting practitioners to critically analyse and advance your standard of professional care...

Joanne Murray is a registered Clinical Psychotherapist with a Masters in Social Science (Counselling).  She has been providing professional clinical supervision for individuals and teams in the government and non-government sectors since 2008.

Joanne has experience providing clinical supervision to counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, managers, coordinators, mental health teams, youth workers, alcohol and other drug workers, students studying counselling, psychotherapy, social science, social work and psychology, general practitioners and teachers. I have experience providing supervision over a broad range of professional genres.

The aim of clinical supervision is to encourage the process of reflecting upon one’s own professional clinical practice in a non-judgemental environment by the process of identifying positive and professionally appropriate client interactions as well as identifying any gaps in the professional development process. Thus, enhancing the standard of client care the supervisee provides as well as the awareness of professional boundaries and ethical practice. I encourage the process of reflective practice which enables the clinician to develop analytical problem solving skills to sustain lifelong learning and the ability for self-care. The reflective practice approach to clinical supervision teaches how to critically analyse and improve upon your professional work and lifestyle practices.

All clinical supervision appointments take place in private, confidential environments.

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