Management Consultancy

Workplace management

Assisting Managers to effectively lead employees through workplace issues such as inappropriate behaviour, conflict and change...

Manager consultancy support is a consultative service for managers, team leaders, leading hands and any members of staff responsible for supervising and overseeing employees.

Manager support assists management with situations that involve direct employer problems or difficulties within the workplace such as inappropriate workplace behaviours, workplace performance issues, communication breakdown, workplace conflict, problematic absenteeism, restructure issues, breach of code of conduct policy.

Management support can assist with specific workplace issues such as:

  • Managing Individual Employees
  • Dealing with difficult employees
  • Managing an employee who is behaving unusually
  • Where there is a concern that an employee may self-harm
  • Managing an employee with substance abuse
  • Managing an employee with a mental health problem
  • Encouraging an employee to use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Communicating with an employee on poor work performance
  • Breaking bad news to employees
  • Dealing with organisational change processes
  • Managing a traumatic event in the workplace
  • Debrief following a communication with a team
  • Facilitating team cohesion

Through the process of management consultancy Joanne gains an understanding of the workplace circumstances and issues. The process of consultancy and discussion is utilised to develop a strategic tailor made plan that is specific to the current workplace issues. All approaches and strategies that are utilised are based on the principles of the psychology of human behaviour and evidence-based interventions.

Any manager who utilises the management consultancy service is treated with respect and encouraged to develop strategies and plans suitable to the current work environment.  Manager Support is a confidential service.

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