My Approach

Joanne Murray Counselling Approach

I provide a non- medicalised approach to counselling and psychotherapy this is achieved by:

  • Addressing the underlying causes rather than just treating the symptoms
  • Not diagnosing you with a mental health disorder or promoting potent psychiatric drugs.

There are no quick fixes in counselling and psychotherapy it just takes time. My professional philosophy is children, teenagers and adults all have natural emotions. Therefore, life in general can be likened to that of a roller coaster ride, people have days where they feel good and well, people also have days where they feel sad, upset, depressed, anxious and angry. All of these emotions are normal responses to life’s many environmental unexpected and unpredictable events such as the death of a loved one, a relationship breakdown, having a miscarriage, a traumatic incident, loss of a job to name a few. Professional counselling and psychotherapy are both holistic effective investments regarding the overall emotional and physical wellbeing of the total person.

I am an eclectic counsellor and psychotherapist who utilises many different genres of psychotherapeutic interventions in accordance with your needs. In working with me you can expect to experience a holistic humanistic perspective incorporating and respecting your right to choose or refuse treatment. I am empathic and sensitive to each individuals needs and will at all times involve you in the choice of treatment options that are available. Treatment will be tailored to your specific situation and delivered in an environment of openness and trust.

I consider myself to be a highly educated life-long learner. I maintain a strong professional work ethic and pride myself on maintaining a high level of professional boundaries.

I offer short term solution focused counselling and long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy focussed on delivering outcomes that will assist you in overcoming adversity and developing into the person you wish to be...

Joanne Murray

Joanne has offices in Lithgow and Bathurst