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Joanne Murray Counselling and Psychotherapy

Joanne specialises in the area of education. She is a passionate, inspirational workshop facilitator with over 20 years’ experience teaching, facilitating, writing and developing customised programs. Joanne has developed programs for organisations such as Western Sydney University, TAFE, Government and Non-Government organisations such as the Mining, Electricity Generation and Fabrication Industries.

She specialises in consulting with organisations to identify their individual training requirements and develops/facilitates tailor made workplace training programs and workshops that are specific to an organisations educational training requirements.

Following is a list of training programs already developed. If you require a specific training or educational program that is not on the list contact me on 0407 263 077 or via my contact form and I will work in consultation with you to create a tailor made training program suitable for your needs.

Programs & Workshops
Restoration Education Program - 2 Day Workshop

This program is for individuals or couples who have had a child/children removed from their care. This is an intense educational & therapeutic program to educate participants of the impacts being exposed to trauma has on children. Topics covered are how being exposed to Trauma, DV, Alcohol & Other Drug use & neglect impact on children & teenagers short & long term.

This two day workshop is designed to develop skills and knowledge to work with children, adolescents and adults who have, or are experiencing abuse and trauma in their lives.

Topics covered: Vicarious trauma and self care, how trauma and abuse affect the brain and its development, how the body reacts to a traumatic event & ongoing trauma triggers. Regression, hypervigilance, dissociation, flashbacks and attachment processes following trauma. Identifying trauma reactions & working safely with clients who have been traumatised without re-traumatisation following the ASCA guidelines.

Who should attend: Counsellors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Mental Health, A&OD, Community Welfare, FACS, Disability & Youth Workers, Teachers & Foster Carers.

What is DV, cycle of violence, DV myths & facts, impacts of DV on children & adults emotionally and physically?

This workshop looks at the common mental health disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Panic Disorder, and OCD.

The impacts on a person holistically, psychologically and physically.


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