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Counselling for Children

Children and adolescents can have difficulty understanding as well as expressing their thoughts and feelings. A therapeutic environment using verbal and play therapy approaches can help children and adolescents work through emotional, social and physical difficulties.

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Counselling for Individuals

Individual counselling can be either short term counselling or long term psychotherapy. Following an initial assessment I discuss the options and treatments available with you. You are then able to make an informed decision about the type of counselling that suits you at that time.

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Counselling for Couples

Couples Counselling can help you decide what the future might hold for each one of you individually and as a couple. Many partnerships can benefit from couples counselling; including married couples, couples preparing for marriage or divorce, gay, bisexual and transgender couples.

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Counselling for Families

Family Counselling involves a whole family, or several family members. Family therapy can be helpful if a family is breaking down or having problems understanding or getting along with one another. Family counselling is a process of assisting the family to interact in different way that works towards creating more balance within the family unit.

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Trauma Counselling

Joanne is a Victims Services Approved Counsellor and specialises in the counselling and psychotherapy fields of Trauma, Complex Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She has extensive experience working with children, teenagers & adults who have, or are experiencing, trauma from things such as sexual abuse, physical & emotional abuse, neglect, war, and natural disasters such as earthquake.

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Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is employer-funded independent counselling that is free for employees, 100% confidential, voluntary & non-judgemental. Joanne develops partnerships with companies and organisations to promote positive organisational performance, improve employee well-being and expand workplace efficiency.

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Treatment may cover a wide range of areas such as anxiety, depression, anger issues, addiction, domestic violence, trauma - including vicarious trauma, grief & loss, workplace bullying and much more...

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