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Joanne Murray Counselling for Children

Sand play and play therapy is suitable for children, teenagers and adults.

Sand play and play therapy helps children express and make sense of things that are happening in the world around them.

Sand play, creative expression and play therapy helps children to express emotions and feelings. By the process of play and creativity children will act out how they feel.

Children and adolescents can have difficulty understanding as well as expressing their thoughts and feelings. A therapeutic environment using verbal and play therapy approaches can help children and adolescents work through emotional, social and physical difficulties. Exploring children’s and adolescents feelings and thoughts about their relationships, family dynamics, emotions, school, and life stressors can often be the beginning of increased self-acceptance and self-confidence, a heightened sense of identity, increased tolerance in relation to others, and social integration. I provide counselling for children and teenagers of all ages for issues such as grief and loss, following a divorce or breakdown of a relationship, following a crisis or critical incident such as sexual assault, sexual identity, being bullied, anxiety, stress, anger management and how to adjust to change. While I am working with children and adolescents I adopt strategies that are situation, age, and developmentally appropriate. I utilise tools such as artwork, drawing, reading books, games, journal writing, talking therapy and sand play.

The benefits of children and adolescents attending counselling include a safe, therapeutic environment being provided for a child or adolescent where they are able to talk about and express how they feel about any issue or topic. This is primarily done by using age appropriate strategies that the child or adolescent feels comfortable with; such as art, play, reading etc

"When children come to see me there are lots of things to play and do. The big noughts and crosses, board games, beading, stickers, Lego, sand play, dolls and colouring in. There's a funky colourful stool and a big tick tock clock.

Children come to counselling for things such as being bullied at school, feeling angry, mum and dad separating, grief, not living with mum and dad anymore, nightmares, problems forming friendships.

You don't need a referral to bring your child to me. Give me a call to discuss the needs of your child - 0407 263 077"
Joanne Murray

Childrens Room, Lithgow

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Treatment may also cover counselling for children in Out of Home Care such as foster care

Joanne works with children in out of home care (OOHC) such as foster care. Removing children from home is a traumatic event for children who are already being abused and traumatised. When removed from the abusive environment this creates added layers of complex trauma for the child such as grief & loss for the parent/s and siblings that have been left behind, guilt, anger, self blame & hatred. Removing children from an abusive environment is only one step in a long process of a child recovering from abuse.

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